About Sinorbis

Born in 2014 as a Startup, Sinorbis is a multi-award-winning company on a mission to bring marketing and selling to Asian consumers within reach for any business by removing common market entry barriers through technology.


Project description

Eyepax built Sinorbis’s award winning Online Inbound Marketing Platform. The platform is the world’s first integrated marketing platform that allows western businesses to create, measure and optimise their Asia digital presence. The platform allows companies to seamlessly build a website for Asian countries through the platform’s drag and drop CMS which carries a built in translator from English to various Asian countries.

SEO tools allow companies to monitor and track conversions. The platform further offers Asian social media integration allowing companies to integrate their Asian country sites with WeChat, Zalo, Whatsapp, Kalkao QR codes, and embed YouKu, Vimeo or Youtube videos. In short the platform is somewhat like Hubspot, but entirely optimized for the Asian market.

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