About InStoreMedia

InStoreMedia was founded back in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden with a mission is to deliver the best combination of value and functionality in any Digital Signage Platform on the market. InStoreMedia has a strong background in retail, software development and digital business development. Their award-winning Digital Signage Platform is the foundation and core of the company.


Project description

Eyepax was contracted to work on InStoreMedia´s Android Signage platform as an extension of their own existing IT team.


“In my previous tenure as CEO at Lasingoo, I have had the pleasure to work with Eyepax for several years. When I joined InStoreMedia we had an immediate need to jump on some Android development as we faced output constraints within our own IT department. I contacted Eyepax and they immediately jumped on the ball, facilitating a short-term dedicated Android development team, allowing us to meet critical deadlines. Thank you, and looking forward to our next project together.”

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