Engagement Models

We offer three engagement models, each tailored to meet specific business requirements. Your preferred engagement with us will often be based on business drivers, your willingness to undertake longer or shorter financial commitments, your need for flexibility in relation to mid-way software requirement changes along with support and maintenance requirements and finally your own IT organization and its capabilities.


This model is based on a fixed price agreement for the delivery of your IT project. Based on detailed requirements we agree and freeze the project scope and then undertake to deliver all the components of the project at an agreed fixed price. The model is particularly suitable when:

o The entire project scope is clear
o Business processes and workflows are properly defined
o Project requirements and dependencies are set
o The project does not require any mid-way changes


The engagement model is based on actual time spent (actual man-hours worked) typically expressed as a rate per hour plus actual cost of materials and infrastructure usage. The model is particularly suitable when:

o Business process or workflows have not been finalized or properly defined
o Project requirements keep evolving due to lack of experience or insight, i.e. evolving markets
o Project requires integration with other third-party environments or other dependencies that are not clear
o Project involves developing solutions for yet untested hardware, firmware or unknown domain where trial and error is the only way forward
o Project involves new emerging technologies and requires R&D


Under this engagement model we create a dedicated team of human resources that meets your exact requirements, both in skill and manpower. Each team is allocated and dedicated to work exclusively on your projects. Team members are billed monthly at an agreed fixed retainer fee and contracts are usually set at a minimum of 6 months. Due to the ongoing nature of this engagement model, it delivers higher efficiency and lower rates than the aforementioned models. It allows for a 30% to 40% cost savings compared to onshore initiatives and offers a cost effective extension to your own onshore engineering / development team, managed by you yet within our IT infrastructure. It is particularly suitable when:

o You have continuous ongoing development, support or maintenance requirements
o When you require full control of the human and technical resources at all times
o When you require the ability to reshuffle and re-prioritize team efforts and tasks at any time
o When increased transparency, process continuity, access to expertise on a regular basis and control over the offshore human and technical resources are key
o When retaining domain know-how within your team members is vital