Employment Policy

This document formally defines our Employment Policy. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure and inform employees / applicants that the Company adopts an emancipated and non discriminating strategy with regard to issues concerning career advances, promotion, recruitment, salaries, training etc. with regard to ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability. These responsibilities are not only mandated by management but also by legal and ethical obligations imposed on the Company by law.


The Company will recruit, hire, train, and promote people in all job classifications without regard to ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, disability, or history of disability (except where physical or mental abilities are an unquestionable and clear occupational requirement and the individual is not able to perform the essential functions of the position even with reasonable accommodations), or sex (unless gender is a bona fide occupational qualification), status as a veteran or other protected characteristic. The Company will ensure that all personnel actions, including compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, return from layoff, Company-sponsored training, education, tuition assistance, and social and recreation programs will be administered without regard to ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, disability, or history of disability (except where physical or mental abilities are a bona fide occupational requirement and the individual is not able to perform the essential functions of the position even with reasonable accommodations), veteran status, pregnancy, sex, (unless gender is a bona fide occupational qualification) or other protected characteristic. For example, employees with the same job title will receive pay within the salary range provided for that position with variances based upon education and experience and without any salary differentiation based on pregnancy, sex, religion, national origin, age, ethnicity, veteran, disability status, or other protected characteristic.

The Company will take appropriate steps to ensure that all employees know of our sincere desire to support and take affirmative action toward providing equal employment opportunity such as the following:

  1. Publishing the Policy on the Company’s Public Website


It is the established policy to utilize our available human resources effectively by selecting the best-qualified person for a job. We therefore always give appropriate attention to factors as educational background, previous experience, proven skills, desirable character traits, and growth potential in the case of a vacancy, advance or promotion. The person hired in the past, along with the persons to be hired and promoted in the future, will continue to be selected from all applicants on the basis of Best Qualified practice. Best Qualified includes such factors as ability, loyalty, availability, capability, aptitude, experience, education, and a willingness to work and serve


The Company will take no religious standing and will not especially accommodate one religion more than another. The Company will try to accommodate religious observances and practices of an employee or prospective employee unless such accommodation creates an undue hardship on the conduct of the business. The following factors shall be considered when accommodating such observance or practice; (a) business necessity, (b) financial costs and expenses, and (c) resulting personnel problems. Any employee who requires a religious accommodation should speak with a human resources representative.


Any employee with a disability who requires accommodation should speak with his or her human resources representative. Generally, disability refers to a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an individual. The company will seek to reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability. The employee has the responsibility to provide adequate information to the company as part of the accommodation process. A qualified person with a disability means an individual with a disability who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the position. Such reasonable accommodation may take the form of making existing facilities readily accessible to or usable by individuals with a disability, restructuring jobs, modifying schedules, acquiring or modifying equipment, adjusting training materials, adjusting employment policies, and the like. Generally, such reasonable accommodation will be made unless it creates a undue hardship for the company.


Candidates from all genders (male, female, transgender, HBTQ) will be recruited for all jobs and the following policies will apply;

(a) Written personnel policies indicate that there will be no discrimination on the basis of a person’s gender,

(b) Employees and applicants of all genders shall have equal opportunities to be placed in any available job that they are qualified to perform;

(c) The company will further make no distinction based on a person’s gender in employment opportunities, wages, hours of work, employee benefits, or any other condition of employment and retirement ages will be equal for all genders;

(d) We will provide appropriate physical facilities for all genders. Lack of facilities will not be used to deny applicants of any gender.

(e) Where seniority lists or lines of progression are used, they shall not be based on an employee’s gender;

(f) Salaries and wage schedules will not be based on an employee’s gender;

(g) All qualified employees will have equal opportunity to participate in training programs sponsored by the company, and the Company will not favour any gender.The Company further recognizes its obligation to provide a work atmosphere free of harassment and intimidation. Any forms of sexual harassment, such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and/or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will be handled appropriately as part of the company’s disciplinary procedures and its posted policy letter in support of the federal Guidelines on Sexual Harassment.


All Employees have the obligation to report any unusual occurrence or suspected violation of this Policy to their department head or superior officer. If you have any questions about or related to this Policy please contact your department head or superior officer. Any person who believes he or she may have been discriminated against in violation of these principles or who observes any discrimination in violation of these principles or who needs a reasonable accommodation should discuss the matter with branch manager. Managers or supervisors who receive any complaint or concern involving discrimination or observe any discrimination must bring the matter to the attention the branch manager. That individual will initiate an appropriate investigation. Employees have a responsibility to cooperate in any investigation of unlawful discrimination. All employees are to cooperate fully with the investigation and resolution of all discrimination and affirmative action complaints. Any person who believes that the manager has not resolved a concern or complaint in accordance with this policy may bring the matter to the attention of any superior officer of the company, who may reopen the investigation, continue the investigation, or decide how the complaint will be resolved.


Violations of this Policy will be documented and can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Additionally, the company may at its discretion seek legal remedies for damages incurred as a result of any violation. The company may also be required by law to report certain illegal activities to the proper enforcement agencies.


Periodic reviews will be conducted to ensure the appropriateness and the effectiveness of the above Policies. These reviews may result in the modifications, additions, or deletions in part or whole to better protect and suit the Company’s needs. The company shall review its employment practices to determine whether any individuals with protected characteristics are receiving fair consideration for job opportunities. The company will annually review its personnel policies to ensure that all such policies apply equally to all employees and that care has been exercised to ensure that such policies comply with this policy. The company ensures that the physical and mental job qualification requirements are related to the specific job or jobs for which the person is being considered and are consistent with business necessity and safe performance of the job.