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Eyepax is an agile Software Development Company with locations in Sweden, France, Vietnam, USA and Sri Lanka. With an independent and forward-thinking Board of Directors the company has since 2006 grown from 0 to over 180+ employees. Our experts build innovative, scalable products using web, IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Mobile Technologies. Work with us project based or setup a fully dedicated team that will function as an extension to your own teams.

Our clients consist of Startups, Multinational Enterprises, SMEs as well as prominent government administrations, public service companies and leading educational institutions. We have successfully helped over 500+ clients and are proud to say that our growing portfolio consist of amongst others of Expedia, Sinorbis, WesFarmers, New Zealand Safety, Mabi Sweden, Stockholm Public Transport and many more.

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Eyepax is an expert R&D company that can help you build and test innovative concepts. Our agile experts are specialized in building MVP (minimum viable product) for startups. Our experienced team can help you develop robust and scalable solutions that will help your Startup accelerate your Go-to-Market.

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