Rely on your IT partner with Eyepax.

We engineer your vision, empower your IT, expand your business potentialities.

Let's meet to write the rest of your success story.

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We help our clients to expand their potentials through technology.

We have the chance to support the most successful businesses in scaling their capacity and building their most fabulous software ideas. 

Our focus: to build long-term customer relationships with quality on-time deliveries using talented engineers who solve business problems using technology. 

Specialized in engineering complex digital products, we deliver high-quality software solutions as well as operational knowledge at the highest level all around the world. 

That's what we do. Right on time and efficiently. Engineering your vision into a successful solution. 

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Our clients are awesome.

From startups to multi-billion conglomerates,
we've been fortunate to work with incredible companies over the years and have the pleasure to be involved in their successful journey. 

We're delighted to take care of them. And they return it to us by their loyalty over the years.  

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YOUR business is unique and deserve THE BEST tailor-made solution

Engage a team of skilled software engineers or augment your own with our specialists in chosen technologies: we will adjust to you and your projects with a single obsession, to exceed your expectations. 

We provide custom and highly flexible development services. Our team adapts quickly to new business needs, competencies, methodology…  

Get your remote agile, and talented team. Enjoy our quality, cost-efficient, and scalable solutions. And become one of our valued partners.  


We master all the technologies

demanded by our customers

We work on more than 30 different technologies to meet your most ambitious web, mobile, AR, VR, IoT, BI, Big Data, machine learning projects.


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    • Dot net solo1

    • Java

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    • Native mobile development payant
      Native mobile development

    Exepaxians are awesome.

    We hire the most skilled engineers to serve your business strategy. Our top priority is to build a great working environment in our offices, enabling us to attract and retain talented and driven people to increase the team's size when necessary. 

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    Coming from the best Universities and undergoing continuous training + coaching by experts
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    With an international culture and team members in Europe and Sri Lanka
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    In a well known attractive company involved in its employees' well-being
    • 52% seniority

      5+ years of experience

    • 73% graduated

      from University

    • 85% international

      with international exposure

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