Eyepax is on the lookout for an ambitious and talented

Senior Software Engineer (ReactJS)


  • Building frontend of applications using HTML, CSS & ReactJS.
  • Efficiently building applications with clean code and best practices.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Implement unit testing in the front end
  • Explore and apply the latest technologies

Qualifications & Experience

  • A relevant Degree/Diploma in Computer Science
  • 3+ years of expertise in development using ReactJS / Redux.
  • 5+ years of expertise in development using JavaScript.
  • Proficient with ES6, CSS3 and HTML5
  • Proficient understanding of JSON and interacting with RESTful APIs.
  • Experience with automated testing and relevant frameworks.
  • Good understanding of Webpack, Babel and React-Router
  • Proficient with Version Control System, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Good understanding in various design patterns and architectures
  • Able to debug a given codebase independently
  • Familiar with the┬álatest web technologies such as Service Worker, WebAssembly and WebRTC
  • Being able to write reusable, modular modules
  • Understanding of common web vulnerabilities and mitigations for them.
  • Good communication skills and experience of communicating directly with clients.
  • Desire to own code quality, stability, reliability and create great user experiences.

If this role excites you and sounds like a great fit, please apply now! ([email protected])